Crime Prevention Corner


 Neighborhood Watch


Neighborhood Watch is a community-based program in which citizens team up with law enforcement to learn ways to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim. Members learn home security, establish neighborhood watch areas and watch each others houses, learn to mark their valuables , and make their neighborhoods better places to live through involvement.


 KidCop Academy


KidCop Academy is a program developed by the Graham Police Department to build a positive relationship with young children while teaching them the basics of personal safety. Children become recruits of the academy, and graduate as Junior Safety Officers. During the four evening program, Children are fingerprinted and photographed for Personal ID, taught the basics of Stranger Danger, participate in a Bicycle Rodeo, and then graduate and "go on patrol" (around the classroom).


 Operation I.D.


Operation ID is a proven deterrent to theft and burglary. Participants "borrow" an engraver from the Police Department, are taught where to mark their property, to put the initials of their state and driver license number, then mark their residence with stickers that let burglars know any property taken from these residences will be easy to trace.


 Vacation Security Check Program


Don't worry about your home while you’re on vacation. The Graham Police Department takes pertinent information about your residence over the phone and then at least once every eight-hour shift, a patrol officer comes to the residence and does an inspection of the perimeter. Police are armed with a list of who is allowed on the property while you are gone, and emergency numbers of whom we can contact if something is found wrong. This program is a proven strategy for worry free vacationing!

Home / Business Security Surveys

 Certified crime Prevention Inspectors will come to your home or office for free and conduct a crime prevention security inspection to help you identify [potential security weaknesses and suggest techniques to improve you safety and security at no cost!